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Best Breathable Bivy Bag. 10 Top Outdoor Options

Are you looking to go away on a campaign trip and want to get a best breathable bivy bag? And you are confused about which to buy because of how many there are out there. Worry no more, for, on this blog, we have put together a list of the best bivy bags available, their features, pros and cons.

Getting the best breathable bivy bags should be the priority as you will enjoy the comfort normally only available in their sister product, the tent. In fact, they can be compared to most lightweight tent available in the markets.

This means that if you are going for overnight hiking or mountaineering, and wish to lose some weight, a bivy should be your shelter of choice as they are lighter and an excellent alternative to a tent.

Bivy bags are also generally smaller than tents making them more portable. They are also easier and quicker to set up because of how they made. This is a feature you will enjoy most when you live in an area with very unpredictable weather.

With all these said, here is the list of the best breathable bivy bags available this year 2020.

Outdoor Research Interstellar Bivi

This is truly a well-designed bivy. It offers bug protection, quick set-up for emergency situations, 100% waterproofing, breathability. It can be used through all different seasons of the year.

This waterproof and breathable Interstellar Bivy weighs only 23 oz. when fully packed; this makes it very suitable for Mountain climbing and other strenuous adventures. It has a unique feature which is the well-structured headspace.

Outdoor Research Bug Bivy – Black
  • 100% polyester, mesh upper - 2L, 100% nylon, plain weave taffeta floor

This headspace can be made available using a single-pole, that is if you want it independent of any other structure or by tying a guy line from the top of the bivy to something above it. Its upper and lower parts are made of different materials, a waterproof and breathable accent shell fabric constitutes its upper part, and a nylon TPU material, its lower part.

This nylon TPU coated floor is responsible for the waterproof and abrasion resistance feature of this bivy’s lower part. With this bivy, the need for a ground tarp is eliminated. This bivy uses a side zipper system which means that you are allowed to enter this bivy from its side.

Users are also allowed to sit up while inside this bivy, this feature makes this bivy bag very awesome as you can comfortably cook or do stuff like that while still in it.

This bivy may not be as big as a tent, but it is very comfortable as it comes in dimensions 82” x 26” x 17” (length x top width x top height).

What we love about this bivy bag

  • It is very light in weight.
  • This bivy is 100% waterproof.
  • It has a well-structured headspace.
  • It is resistant to abrasion.
  • In this bivy, sitting up is allowed.

Its flaws

  • We didn’t find any flaw with this product.

Terra Nova Moonlite Bivi

This is one of the lightest bivy bags currently available, it is waterproof (due to its nylon coating), breathable and very easy to set up, making it the perfect emergency bivy. This bivy’s seams are all taped; hence the use of traps is non-negotiable. It features a really big hood with a drawstring face closure that offers extra protection.

This bivy is 200cm in length, 76cm wide proximally (at the head region) and 55cm wide distally. I weighed it with my weighing scale and found this bivvy to be 182g in weight, while its stuff bag weighed 12g only. Terra Nova Moonlite bivy bag guarantees you of a relatively warm and dry night rest even when used in the storm, rain or snow.

Its drawstring face closure was really easy to handle. All these said, here are its flaws. I couldn’t put all my sleeping gear in this bivy as it tapers to the foot area so much. In fact, my short TAR NeoAir couldn’t even fit in. I also found putting the sleeping bag into the bivy impossible.

If you are like me and have a broad shoulder, this bivy will cause you some trouble as it is thin in its shoulder region; hence freedom of movement is limited. Another issue with this bivy is that the bivy compresses the sleeping bag a little bit too much so insulation becomes a problem, making winter a big issue.

Lastly, I do wish that the bivy had a short zipper so that entering into this bivvy is a lot easier.

What we love about this bivy bag.

  • It one of the lightest bivy bags available.
  • It is almost 100%water proof.
  • This bivy has a really big hood.
  • It lacks none of the common features of bivy bags.

Its flaws

  • It is very tight around the shoulder.
  • It is not too comfortable for really tall people.

Outdoor Research Helium Bivi

This bivy bag as a beautifully designed one, it comes in two colours; (pewter and paprika) and is available for purchase within a price range that suits most pockets.

It is the lightest outdoor research bivy currently available and it weighs only 18oz. Lightweight is not its only pro as with its supple Pertex® Shield+ 2.5-layer ripstop nylon fabric and fully taped seams, this bivy is completely waterproof, windproof, extremely breathable and resistant to the elements.

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy Cover sleeping bag 1
  • Dimensions Approx 82" x 26" x 19.75"
  • Ultra Lightweight

Its waterproof floor is wade of antifungal coated 70-denier nylon. This bivy features a Shockcorded Delrin® overhead pole which helps to increase room for little adjustment while in this bivy. It also has a really large toe end and a removable no-see-um mesh netting at the opening to increase its user’s comfort.

It has reflective logos and trims, 5 stake loops, 1 guyline loop, sleeping pad straps, a small internal mesh pocket and an awesome clamshell opening. This bivy is 7 foot in length and so is suitable for almost anyone as finding a 7 footer is really difficult. It is also 26 inches wide at its shoulder region, increasing room for adjustments to be made while inside this bag. This bivy is very quick and easy to set up hence it does well in countries with really unpredictable weather and in other emergency situations.

What we love about this Outdoor Research Helium Bivi bivy bag.

  • It is of high quality.
  • Very easy to pack.
  • It is very breathable.
  • It is one of the lightest outdoor research bivy available.
  • It is very wide at its shoulder area (26 inches)

Its flaws

  • Its pole is too long.
  • Its stitches are not so tough.

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivi

This is another type of outdoor bivy. It is waterproof and windproof due to the 3-layer Gore-Tex® Respiration Positive fabric its body is made of. Its seams are also taped to ensure 100% waterproofness.

Its floor is not left out on this waterproof feature as it is made with Waterproof Hydroseal® coated nylon. This material increases the durability of this bivy. With the aim of further solidifying this bivy’s waterproof and windproof feature, its end-opening zipper is protected by a wide storm flap.

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy, Mojo Blue, 1Size
  • Fabric Performance: Waterproof, Highly-Breathable, Fully Seam- Taped, Durable, No-See-Um Mesh, Hydroseal Floor,...
  • Design Features: Sleeping Pad Straps, Five Stake Loops, One Guy Line Loop, Internal Mesh Pocket, High-Volume Toe-End
  • Functional Details: Delrin Single-Pole System

This bivy features a Single overhead shock-corded Delrin® pole which helps to keep the upper part of this bivy in shape and away from its users faces, while also strengthening the bivy and making it more durable.

This bivy also features a no-see-um-mesh at its opening to keep bugs and other insects off its users face and allow for adequate ventilation. Its height is approximately 20 inches.

An area for footprint is available in this bivvy and it accommodates thicker sleeping pads for its user. A strap is also present and it is responsible for keeping your sleeping pad in place, thereby preventing this bivy from rolling over during sleep.

The very accommodating foot section present in this bivy allows your feet stay in a more natural position which is approximately 14.5 in high.

A small internal mesh pocket is also present in this bivy, this space can be used to keep small objects like glasses, phones and pen etc. This bivy is suitable for tall people as it is 84 inches in length and 24 inches in width. Other notable structures in this bivy are 5 stake loops, 1 guyline loop Delrin pole and stuff sack.

What we love about the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivi bivy bag

  • It is very comfortable.
  • Big enough to allow for some adjustment.
  • Its zipper is properly positioned.

Its flaws

  • We found no way of keeping its hood up when we wanted just the mosquito net while asleep.
  • No proper ventilation.

Rab Alpine Bivi

This bivy (the Alpine bivy) is, a compact, single-person waterproof bivi, designed to be of lightweight, making it adequate for backpacking. It was made using a durable and breathable eVent® DVStorm 3L fabric and is suitable for those people looking for maximum performance and a slightly larger capacity balanced with smaller pack size.

This is one of the best Rab’s bivy available, making it a little expensive, but the price is not something you should lament about as this bivy gives you value your money.

Rab Men's Alpine Bivi, Olive, 235 x 80 x 30 cm
  • Made with the event Waterproof Technology Storm 3 layer fabric
  • It has a mummy shaped to fit technical sleeping bags
  • Equipped with an end zip entrance with protective external storm flap

The Rab Alpine bivy bag is a nice but simply designed bivy bag. It has less moving parts; therefore less chance for something going wrong, it also has a two-way zip which means that if you wish to leave a section open to allow a little more air circulation and freedom you can.

We won’t hide this from you, some people feel that bivy bags are a little claustrophobic for them and are not cool with the thought of being fully zipped up in a body bag. If you have the same belief, don’t worry for you won’t suffer this using this bivy as you can leave its zippers open or at least one of them.

It’s not all the time you get a flat soft surface to place your bivy and placing it on an otherwise surface could lead to damage. In order to prevent this type of damage, the base of this bivy is toughened with waterproof 70 denier nylon.

What we love about the Rab Alpine Bivi bivy bag

  • Its reinforced floor.
  • How compact its design is.
  • How light this bivy is.
  • It has a two-way zipper system.

Its flaws

  • We didn’t notice any flaw with this product so it’s highly recommendable.


Black Diamond Big Wall Hooped Bivy Tent

This 100% waterproof bivy sells at a decent enough price. It is breathable and has a laminate Delrin rod hoop sewn into the sack so you don’t need to set that up as well when you wish to use this bivy.

Black Diamond Big Wall Hooped Bivy Tent
  • Big-Wall-Specific Design Incorporates A Strong Waterproof Tie-In Point
  • Sewn-In Flexible Wire Creates Air Space
  • Dual-Sided Zipper And Mesh Covered Opening

This is another great bivy as it was made with a very breathable fabric and is packed with amazing features like:

  • It has a sewn-in flexible wire, which creates air space.
  • It features a similar zipper system to that in the Rab Alpine bivi, which is the two-sided zippers.
  • Its opening is covered with a mesh.
  • It uses RF welded tie-in point for secure anchoring.
  • It is made of breathable fabric.
  • Its seams are taped.

This bivy weighs only 10oz, making it very easy to move around. So if you are going on a journey and need a very nice but comfortable shelter, I will advise you to take this bivy along.

It is also of dimensions 90 x 35 inches (regular), 99 x 35 inches (long) making it suitable for almost any height. Its floor is made of Polyurethane laminated todd tex fabric which is responsible for the abrasions resistant feature of this bivy.

What we love about this Black Diamond Big Wall Hooped Bivy tent

  • There is enough room in this bivy.
  • It comes with a seam sealer.
  • This bivy is abrasion-resistant.
  • Heat loss from this bivy is minimal.
  • It is long enough to even put in your shoes and backpack.

Its flaws

  • This bag has opening/zippers only at the hoop/shoulder-face area.

Rab Ridge Raider Bivy.

This bivy is a single hooped lightweight bivouac shelter that is 31.5 inches wide, 100.4 inches long and 23.6 inches high. Its upper body is made of ‘Exchange Lite eVent fabric’ while its base is made of tough waterproof laminated nylon. This bivy features a luminous outer pole sleeve coupled with zip pullers, a mosquito net door, a roll-top sack that is waterproof and more.

The Rab Ridge Raider Bivy is lightweight and sizeable enough to accommodate a single person. If you get caught in the rain, this bivi bag will keep you dry while it pours down around you. It has a single, head-end DAC Pressfit™ pole with a head door entry

It also comes supplied in a sleek tunnel design so, it can easily and quickly be set up – with a laminated base made using 10,000mm nylon fabric.

One of the better features that this Rab Ridge Raider Bivy has is it mosquito net door for those hiking in sub-Saharan climates. Its zip-pull also glows in the dark, so you do not need to fumble around in the dark when trying to close your bivy.

What we love about the Rab Ridge Raider bivy

  • It is a lightweight shelter.
  • It provides room for your foot to stay properly.
  • You can set this tent up almost anywhere.
  • It is very spacious
  • It was made from eVent® Exchange Lite™ fabric.
  • It features a large bathtub waterproof nylon groundsheet.
  • There is no need to clean the eVent fabric regularly to guarantee performance

Its flaws

  • Its front entry design is so not cool, I think entering from the side will be a better option as from its side; you could access this bivy by just rolling in.
  • The Inner groundsheet of this bathtub should have been deeper as a deeper one will make more room for an added air mattress.

Snugpak | Stratosphere | Shelter | 5000mm 100% Waterproof Outer.

This bivy features all the amazing features of a tent in a small package. It contains seven extremely light alloy stakes (six and one for a spare), which function to create a spacious canopy around the head, leaving enough space for head movements while providing adequate breathable.

Snugpak | Stratosphere | Lightweight 1 Person Waterproof Bivvi...
  • Inner dimensions are 91 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 20 inches tall; built to accommodate just 1 person; features a...
  • Lightweight and compact pack size is 12 inches long by 5 inches wide, it weighs 2.5 pounds; stands up to severe weather...
  • Top fabric is 50D nylon Rip-Stop with 5000 millimeter waterproof polyurethane coating; bottom fabric is 210t nylon with...

This bivy is very portable and so suitable for lightweight journeys. When packed along with its pegs, it weighs little over 1kg. It also has a rollaway No-See-Um-Mesh Mosquito Net in front of the hood and a meshed ventilation section at the back.

Features & details

  • The dimensions of this bivy’s inner compartment are 91 inches for its length, 32 inches for its width, and 20 inches for its height;
  • It is a single person bivy.
  • It features a full-length side zip.
  • Is total pack size is 12 inches long by 5 inches wide and weighs 2.5 pounds.
  • It is resistant to harsh weather conditions.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • It features the amazing 50D nylon Rip-Stop fabric and a 5000-millimetre waterproof polyurethane coating. Its bottom fabric consists of both 210t nylon fabric and 8000-millimetre waterproof polyurethane coating.
  • This bivy contains a rollaway No-See-Um mosquito net in its spacious head canopy and a back mesh section which provides an extra channel for ventilation in other to prevent condensation buildup.
  • This bivy comes with a basic repair kit which contains a metal pole repair sleeve, tent guide rope tensioner, spare cord, elastic loop, patch materials, and a storage bag enclosed in it.

What we love about this bivy

  • It provides space for relatively enough movement of the head.
  • It has inbuilt pockets.
  • Its zippers work really smoothly.
  • It’s really durable.

Its flaws

  • It is really heavy for a bivy bag.
  • Poor breathability.

Aqua Quest Hooped Bivy Tent

This bivy, the Aqua Quest Hooped Bivy Tent was designed with ripstop nylon which makes it super durable by preventing excessive wear and tear. This nylon also offers great protection against wind and rain.

Aqua Quest HOOPED Green Waterproof Bivy Tent, Lightweight with...
  • WATERPROOF - Aqua Quest are industry leaders in waterproof gear, so it’s no surprise that their Hooped Bivy is more...
  • ULTRALIGHT & COMPACT - Featuring one lightweight collapsible shock cord pole and 5 lightweight aluminum pegs, and...
  • FAST & EASY SETUP - Setup in 1 second or less… if you’re a magician! If not, it’ll take you around 2 mins. Unzip...

This tent is 100% waterproof and its weight is commensurable with its size. Its waterproof feature is provided by a dual coating of Thermoplastic PolyUrethane and either a durable water repellent or silicone impregnated material.

Mesh netting is present over the facial opening of this tent to improve circulation and offer bug protection.

This tent is big enough to allow for a sleeping pad, which functions to increase the user comfort and keep him or her warm on colder nights.

The extra room in the shoulder and feet regions is really helpful to users who are claustrophobic.

What we love about this bivy

  • It features an extra coat, which helps to increase its waterproofness.
  • It is light in weight.
  • This bivy has a hooped headspace.
  • It is protected by a mosquito net, to keep out bugs and other insects.

Its flaws

  • Not enough room for a tall person.
  • It is a little too heavy for a bivy sack.

All these said I will consider this bivy a great comfortable one, especially for people who are of average height.

Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag

This bivy, the Mummy Sleeping Bag is somewhat heavy for a bivy but I still consider it suitable for most journeys as it has added layers of materials and ripstop polyester taffeta lining which keeps its users warm in low-temperature situations.

Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag -10 Degree Celsius - 4 Season...
  • PRACTICAL COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Our sleeping bag is large enough to fit an adult 185-198cm. Girth of shoulder/...
  • STAY WARM AND COZY DURING THE NIGHT: Thanks to our innovative heat retention technology, quilted construction and...
  • WATER REPELLENT & RIPSTOP FABRIC: 210T ripstop polyster shell protects against windy and wet weather Keep you warm even...

This polyester material makes this bivy really comfortable as it feels really great on the body. In this bivy, you will enjoy both water and tear resistance, making it the perfect bivy for the most rugged adventures.

This bivy also comes with a durable compression sack, where you can stuff your sleeping bag when not in use.

Other Features and details of Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag

  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • It is made of a water repellent ripstop fabric.
  • Long-lasting durability.

This lightweight sleeping bag is large and wide enough to house an adult 6’1″-6’6″ in height, It contains 400gsm of spray boned cotton filling and insulated foot box will help to keep its user in temperatures between 32 to 59℉.

A drawstring hood is also a part of this bivy and it functions to keep warm air in and the cold air out and away from critical areas of its user’s body like the head and neck.

It also comes with SBS zips and anti-snag slider, wide shoulders and large foot box, snag-free velcro, drawstring and horizontal baffles.

What we love about this bivy

  • It is cosy and keeps its user warm.
  • This bivy has a compact build.
  • It is definitely worth its price tag.
  • This bivy bag is easy to pack and set up.
  • It is of high a really high quality.

Its flaws

  • I feel it weighs too much for a lightweight bivy.

Final Thoughts on the Best Breathable Bivy Bag

From the reviews above, you can see that bivy bags are perfect substitutes to tents. They offer similar comfort to that you enjoy from a tent, in a smaller and so more portable package. Although bivy bags are generally good there are some notably awesome ones, these I have up listed along with their descriptions, features, pros and cons.

I am not going to tell you which bivy to choose from my list, but I will advise you go through them keenly as getting a bivy not good for you is something you don’t want to do.

In the right bivy, you will enjoy good breathability, lightweight, comfort, value for your money, durability, waterproofness, proper ventilation, compact design, serine temperatures, enough space, should I keep listing? I don’t I should as I believe you get the picture. But with a bad bivy, all or some of these features will be lacking.

You may just fall asleep in a cool dry condition and wake up in a pool of sweat because of poor breathability.

Please don’t take this list as I have numbered it as the number ten on this list may just be the best for you. Just choose which is best for you and don’t let cash be a hindrance for you as with the right bivy, even if you spend $1000 on it ‘just saying’, you will still get equal value for your money.