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OEX Bush Pro Bivvi Review

The Bush Pro Bivvi is a lightweight sleeping bag that will keep you dry in wet or windy conditions. Constructed with tough ripstop nylon and fully taped seams, this bivvi can accommodate most builds – perfect for campers who sleep in less than desirable weather.

A large opening ensures easy entry, while a valuables pocket provides ample storage space when the cover is closed over the top of stock-still campers. There are two colour options: green or khaki brown. The OEX Bush Pro Bivvi is great for anyone looking for an affordable yet effective rain resistant cover to use when outdoor camping.


Exposing the Bush Pro Bivvi sleeping bag to any wet conditions will not cause it to leak or spring a ‘roof-shaped hole. It is made of tough ripstop canister fabric with a water-resistant rating of 5000 mm hydrostatic head, and its seams are fully taped for thorough protection from bad weather.

The cell design also increases insulation by limiting contact surface area so your body temperature doesn’t get too cool during the night (minimum comfort rating: 5ºC).

All this means that if given enough time to work your way home in an emergency situation, you’ll be able to stay warm and out of the atrocious climate conditions.

The Bush Pro Bivvi is a waterproof defence against the weather that weighs less than most standard sleeping bags. The tent folds down small, and sits easily inside your pack – you can ignore it until you need it. Tough ripstop nylon fabric is fully taped for long-lasting functionality.

The OEX Bush Pro Bivvi Sleeping Bag offers the versatility of a sleeping bag inside a bivvy. It is perfect for all seasons, giving you protection from rain, wind and cold weather. The OEX Bush Pro Bivvi Sleeping Bag has extra insulation at the feet to keep your toes safe and warm on those chilly autumn evenings in Tasmania.

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