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British Army Bivvy Bag Review

The British army bivvy bag was first issued to the army and is fashioned to protect its user from severe weather conditions while keeping him/her warm at the same time. If you are in need of a bivvy bag for emergency camping trips or a few nights out camping, you should consider getting one.

This army bivvy bag has many great features and is very sturdy as most items made for the army usually are.

Kombat UK Unisex Outdoor Military Sleeping Bag available in Btp...
  • Composition of: nylon shell, cotton lining and hollow fiber filling
  • Side zip and drawstring hood with compression sack
  • In BTP camouflage pattern

Key Features and Benefits

  • The British army bivvy bag is made with a high hydrostatic head rating that makes it waterproof to a considerable extent.
  • It has taped seams which further enhances its waterproofing and lasting tendencies. Also helps it avoid random snags and tears.
  • The bivvy bag is mummy shaped and is fitted with drawstrings which enable you to get into and out of it quite effortlessly.
  • It has an approximate length of 260cm, a foot width of about 62cm, a weight of about 940g and is about 92cm at its broadest point.
  • It is produced from Gore-Tex, which is a breathable and waterproof fabric.


  • Since the bivvy is made from Gore-Tex, a fabric with very high waterproofing capabilities, it would keep you dry and warm in moderate weather conditions.
  • The bivvy is breathable; that is, it can allow air to pass through it. This would enable you to breathe easily in it without any suffocating feelings.
  • The bivvy bag packs down small and is compact, allowing for its easy transportation to and from your camping trips.
  • When it is unpacked, the bag is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate you, your sleeping bag and any other belongings you might have.
  • The vapour-permeable material that is used to produce the bivvy bag, coupled with its large size helps to increase the flow and circulation of air in it which in turn helps to reduce condensation in the bivvy significantly.
  • The drawstring attached to the bag allows you to close it up completely if it rains. It also enables you to leave the hood of the bag a bit open if the weather is warm or if you want to view your surroundings.
  • The bag has an additional layer of fabric which would serve to keep you warm on cold nights.
Kombat UK Unisex Outdoor Military Sleeping Bag available in Btp...
  • Composition of: nylon shell, cotton lining and hollow fiber filling
  • Side zip and drawstring hood with compression sack
  • In BTP camouflage pattern


  • Condensation might form in the bag on damp nights, leaving the bag wet.
  • It is a little heavier than regular bivvy bags and does not pack as small.

The army first used the British army bivvy bag when out in camps that help with camaraderie. The military is known for making quality and durable materials and this bivvy bag is no exception. It is made with features that make it suitable for use in most weather conditions.

One of such features is its taped seams alongside the edges. The seams of the bivvy bag are taped over with the use of a machine which melts tape over the holes created by the stitching of the seams. This prevents water from leaking into the bivvy bag through the holes. The taped seams also help ensure the longevity of the bivvy bag in the long term.

Another feature that enhances the bags waterproofness is its high hydrostatic head rating. It is worth noting, however, that although the bivvy bag has high waterproofing capabilities, it is not 100% waterproof and so some water, a minimal amount though may get through it if it rains heavily. If you suspect that it might rain, it is best to take along with you a tarp to help provide extra shelter from the rain.

Using the bivvy bag for camping has some advantages over using a tent. In the bivvy bag, you can appreciate your surroundings better as it is more open than a tent, giving you a closer feeling with the natural environment that surrounds you and a better view of your environs. The bivvy bag also enables light or minimalist packers to have protection and shelter from the elements while carrying as little baggage as possible and is an excellent choice for emergency camping.

The British army bivvy bag is made to be sturdy and to last long. There are often many deals to be had if you check on eBay or gumtree, it is advisable for you to take the following precautions when purchasing it so that you can buy one that will serve your purposes for a long time.

  • Watch out for holes or tears in the bivvy: Considering that the bivvy is fairly used, it is not unlikely that it might have some tears or holes in it. Therefore, it is necessary to examine it thoroughly for such signs. The reason for this is apparent; if the bivvy has holes or is torn in any part, water can get into it, and its waterproofing purposes would be defeated as water would enter the bivvy if you use it when it is raining. You can easily examine camouflage bags for holes by turning the bags inside out. The pattern design on the bag makes it difficult to notice holes in it unless you turn it inside out.
  • Watch out for the issue year of the bivvy: Needless to say, an older bivvy is more likely to be worn than one which is not as old. You should check the issue year of the bivvy and purchase the one with the most recent issue year. You can find the bivvy’s issue year in its head area as a printed text although not all bivvies would have an issue year printed on them.


  • Choose a bivvy that still has its drawstrings attached to it: The drawstring serves the purpose of enabling you to get into the bivvy bag with ease and closing it up. If the drawstrings are missing, you may not be able to close up the bag completely, and this could leave you exposed to insects and rain.

To get the best out of the British army bivvy bag, you can consider getting an army issue roll mat to complement it. The mat is about 10cm wider and 10cm longer than the standard mats sold in stores, but it fits the bivvy bag perfectly. Also, ensure that you take good care of the bivvy after purchasing it to enable it last as long as possible for you.