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Snugpak Elite 3 Sleeping Bag Review

Getting the most suitable sleeping bag is quite a hard task – especially if you’re someone who enjoys cold weather camping. You will definitely need something that keeps you warm but doesn’t weigh you down. This is exactly what the Snugpak Elite 3 sleeping bag can offer you – warmth and comfort in a compact package.

The Snugpak Elite 3 is among Snugpak’s Tactical Series range of sleeping bags. These bags have evolved due to the high demand from Britain’s military for reliable and highly efficient equipment. Each product is classified using temperature ranges – encompassing 2, 3 and 4 seasons indicated by the number at the end of the product’s name.


Snugpak | Softie Elite 3 | Sleeping Bag with built-in deployable...
  • Expansion system (variable width)
  • Lightweight, low pack size
  • Clips can be used to shorten the bag

Description – Snugpak Elite 3 Sleeping Bag 

The bag’s outer fabric is made of Paratex Micro, which comprises of 100% polyester. Paratex Micro is windproof and water repellent, but not waterproof. It is lightweight and very durable, meaning that it can withstand almost every – if not all – rugged outdoor adventure.

The outer part of the bag is breathable so that the user can stay cool in warmer temperatures and warm in cooler temperatures.

Paratex Light fabric is used to make the inner fabric. This fabric is very lightweight, water-resistant and windproof. It has an ability to wick moisture away which makes it quite suitable for sleeping bag liners. This fabric – just like the micro outer fabric – is breathable, meaning you can comfortably stay in it all night.

While the outer and inner fabric provides for breathability, wind and water resistance, it is the sleeping bag’s filling that actually makes it that warm. Snugpak makes use of Reflectatherm filling – a metallized fabric that retains heat and warmth. This breathable fabric adds 15% extra warmth to the bag and it also doesn’t add any weight to the pack. One good thing about this filling is that it’s very hard to detect by touch.

The Snugpak Elite 3 also has Softie Insulation – a polyester down-like filling that provides added warmth and comfort. The zip baffle expander system plays a large role in this bag’s ability to keep you cool or warm during the night. To add an extra room to the bag, the baffle can be zipped into the main zip. This extra space is suitable for bigger users or to make the space cooler during warm nights. For colder nights, users can stay warm by zipping the bag tighter.

A convenient zippered chest pocket is designed into the bag so that users can store essential items within easy reach. These items can range from a flashlight to a pair of glasses.


Key Features

  • Made from ultra light-weight synthetic materials.
  • Zipper installed on RH or LH side as specified.
  • Supplied with Compression Stuff Sack to reduce packed size.
  • Built-in Expander Panel System (EPS) baffle system.
  • Paratex Micro Outer Shell Fabric, treated with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating.
  • Paratex Light inner fabric lining.
  • Softie super-fine synthetic insulation,
  • Reflectatherm™ Breathable laminated fabric for additional insulation.
  • Trimmed with rip-stop polyester nylon,
  • Mummy Style bag with Draw-string hood.
  • 2-way heavy-duty anti-snag YKK zips with silent pull-tabs.
  • Over-sized draft-baffle inside the main zip to aid heat retention.
  • Inner chest-baffle with draw-string & cord-locks to aid heat retention.
  • Lower inner foot section that is reinforced with heavy-duty fabric prevents damage from boots.
  • Available in 3 low-vis tactical colours, ideal for military or hunting/outdoor use.
  • Generous in size and will fit any size of bivy bag or swag.
  • Will easily accommodate 6′ medium/solid build male.
  • The bag can be shortened with clips at its foot end (normal length 220cm, shortened length 175cm).
Snugpak | Softie Elite 3 | Sleeping Bag with built-in deployable...
  • Expansion system (variable width)
  • Lightweight, low pack size
  • Clips can be used to shorten the bag


This Snugpak Elite 3 bag is lightweight and with the help of the compression sack, can take up a very small amount of space in your backpack.


Snug fit Hood

The hood on this bag is very comfy and can even be easily cinched down with just one hand.


Hanging Clips

For shorter users, they can decide to reduce the overall length of the bag by attaching the two plastic swivel snap hooks (that are situated at the base of the bag) to the two D-rings situated about a foot and half up from the bag’s bottom.


Anti-Snag Two Way Zip

The Snugpak Elite 3 bag’s main zipper makes use of a nylon baffle which helps to prevent the outer or inner material from snagging. With the way it is designed, you can operate the zipper when inside the bag.


EPS (Expander Panel System)

If you’re particularly broad-shouldered or you want to increase the bag’s airflow, you can do so with the help of Elite 3’s Expander Panel System which consists of a stretch and extra-thick zip baffle that works as an expansion feature. To make use of the EPS, all you have to do is fully unzip the bag and locate the internal zipper for the EPS, then completely unzip it. The EPS provides as much as 5-10 inches of additional space.


Pillow Pocket

It is important to note that not all units of this product come with a built-in pillow pocket. This added feature is located underneath the hood of the bag.

Snugpak | Softie Elite 3 | Sleeping Bag with built-in deployable...
  • Expansion system (variable width)
  • Lightweight, low pack size
  • Clips can be used to shorten the bag


  • Lightweight and compact – which is perfect for motorcycle camping and backpacking.
  • Expander panel system gives users more room for added comfort.
  • Zippered chest pocket lets users store essential items within close reach.
  • Rated to 14 F degrees – which is ideal for cold weather camping.


  • Not waterproof. If you have a waterproof tent or you’re sleeping in a hammock, this probably will not be an issue. But it’s something we felt we should let you know.


The warmth and comfort that the Elite 3 delivers is very impressive. However, the most impressive thing about this bag is its compact storage size. It won’t take up a lot of space in a user’s backpack and it will ensure that he/she can conveniently pack.

With its ability to compress to a small size and also to retain heat, this bag is a proper choice for cold weather camping. If you’re searching for a warm, lightweight, compact and durable sleeping bag for your next trip, then the Elite 3 is a smart and advisable option.