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Alpkit Hunka Bivvy Bag Review

Are you considering taking a small break from the city and its hassles by going camping but you are worried about how you are going to afford to buy a tent? Or are you dreading going camping because you feel you do not have the energy or space to drag along a tent with you? Do not fret. The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is a perfect choice for you.

It is lightweight, waterproof, affordable and suitable for camping and hiking activities. It is very small when packed making it very easy to carry about. It is also a perfect substitute for a tent as it is much lighter, weighing less than 400g compared to even the lightest tents which weigh about 936g each.

Alpkit Hunka XL Bivvy Bag (Blue)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: weighs in at 500 g and packs down to 23 cm x 27 cm
  • WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE: 2.5 layer Ripstop nylon with HH 10,000 mm and MVP of 10,000 g/m²/24 hour. Fully taped seams...
  • SPACIOUS: Ideal for tall bivviers, or small bivviers putting their mat in their bag. Length: 235 cm, Width: Shoulders -...

Key features and benefits.


  • The bag comes with an integrated stuff sack for storage when the bag is not in use. Since the stuff sack is attached to the bag, it allows for easy packing when it is time to hit the road as you do not have to start searching for it.
  • The bivvy bag has a tapered shaped and is equipped with drawstrings that enable you to close the bag over your head when you are about to sleep. It also has taped seams that help to protect you from the elements and serves to reduce condensation in the tent to the barest minimum.
  • The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is lightweight and compact making it easy for you to transport it effortlessly to and fro camp. It fits easily into your backpack and weighs less than 400g with the blue bag weighing about 348g and the red bag weighing about 336g. It is about 215cm long and 80cm wide at the shoulders.
  • Made from polyurethane-coated nylon with a Hydrostatic Head (HH) rating of 10,000mm and a Moisture Vapour Permeable (MVP) membrane of 10,000g/m2/24 hour, the Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is waterproof, yet breathable. This means that it can withstand moderate weather conditions like light or moderate rainfall while still allowing you to breathe comfortably.



The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is a favourite among backpackers and campers alike especially because of its simplicity. Although it is lightweight and small, it is nevertheless tough and durable enough to withstand rough terrains. Weighing less than 400g, it is perfect for emergency backpacking and can be carried about very easily.

The bivi bag is perfect not only for camping in the woods but also for urban camping, which is a good option for those who would want to spend the night outside but still be close to the city. It is also a perfect choice for nature lovers who would love to feel the night breeze on their faces while lying under a night sky full of stars, not to mention a perfect view of sunrise and the opportunity to sleep close to nature that it affords.

The size of the bag, however, makes it more suited to small-sized people, usually those who are 6 feet and under. For people who are above 6 feet, the Alpkit Hunka XL bivvy bag is a preferable choice as it has more room. The Alpkit Hunka can be set up anywhere and can be packed up with ease again once the camping is over. It is not unusual to find people using it for camping in fields, under trees and even behind vehicles.


Although the bag is water-proof, it is still breathable. It is advisable, however, that when using the bag, you do not completely close it up. Rather, leave a little space open from which you can breathe. This is necessary to avoid getting a lot of condensation in the bag since no one likes to wake up to a soggy bag.

It is worth noting that your body gives off a lot of vapour, not to mention the moisture that is given off when you breathe, it is not unlikely that your bivvy would be damp in the morning and would have to be aired out if you plan to use it again the next night. Being waterproof, it can withstand wet conditions to an extent. However, it is not guaranteed to withstand heavy downpour and so it is always best to find out the weather conditions before going camping with the bivy bag in tow.

The Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag is pretty sturdy and not prone to a lot of damage. The worst that can happen with the bag is the occasional tear and it is easily repairable with a few stitches or patches. Even if you are the type who prefers camping in tents, having a bivvy bag would come in handy if you get a sudden urge to go backpacking or you just can’t be bothered to pack a lot of gear along with you.

With the Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag, you would get a solid and lightweight bivvy bag that fits nicely into your budget and is of great quality.