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Hunka XL Bivvy Bag Review

Bivvy bags are waterproof bags that can be used for sleeping outdoors. The Hunka XL bivvy bag, especially, is a favourite among campers, hikers, alpinists, and even sports players. Its large size, one of its most appealing features, makes it a perfect bivvy bag for anyone, even those who are on the tall side.

Made to be sturdy and durable, the Hunka XL is ideal for emergency or planned camping trips, expeditions, and all sorts of adventure in different kinds of terrains.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The Hunka XL is made from 2.5 layers ripstop nylon and has a Hydrostatic Head (HH) rating of 10,000mm and an MVP of 10,000g/m2 over every 24 hour period. This makes it waterproof and yet, breathable.
  • The bag is quite spacious. With a length of 235cm a foot of 72cm and a shoulder width of 98 cm, the Hunka XL has enough room for even tall and heavyweight campers to sleep in comfortably with more room at its foot for other gear the camper might have.
  • It is lightweight, weighing in at about 500g, and even though it is quite spacious when unpacked, it packs down to 23cmx27cm, enabling it to fit into a corner of your backpack and be transported to and from camp effortlessly.
  • The Hunka XL comes with an integrated stuff sack, which serves to store the bag easily when it is not in use.
  • It has a tapered shape and drawcords at its head, which can be used to close it up after you climb in it to sleep or opened up a bit to let in some fresh air.


You do not always have to travel far to have an adventure. You can have one right in your city, as is the case with urban bivvying. Regardless of where you choose to have your adventure, a lack of adequate sleep is enough to ruin it. The Hunka XL is made with features that ensure you have a solid night’s rest as it keeps you warm and dry. It makes bivvying very rewarding as it provides you with an excellent bivvying experience.


  •  The Hunka XL has plenty of room in it to accommodate anyone of any size. Even with your sleeping bag and sleeping pad in it, you can sleep very comfortably and still have a place to stow your backpack at the foot of the bag.
  •  Considering the large size of the bivvy bag, it is lightweight, weighing in at about 490g. It packs down smaller than a water bottle, yet when it is unpacked, it measures approximately 235cm in length.
  •  It is easy and quick to set it up. It takes no more than a few minutes to set up the Hunka XL and go to sleep, and in the same vein, it is very easy to pack it up, store it in the stuff sack and hit the road.
  •  It is waterproof, ensuring that you are kept dry in moderate weather conditions. The bag is fashioned to withstand average weather conditions like moderate rainfall, and it fulfils this purpose quite remarkably.
  •  It is very durable as it has strong, taped seams and excellent build quality, all of which serve to make it last longer.
  •  The Hunka XL is relatively well-priced when compared with its features; therefore, anyone can easily afford it, even those on tight budgets.
  • Although the bag is waterproof, it is still breathable so it allows air to circulate within it and be expelled. It has a large opening at its head for allowing air into it while reducing condensation in it to an almost unnoticeable level.




    , the Hunka XL can be considered to be quite large, so it also comes with a large hood. This may not be ideal to have when it is raining, and the bag hood is open as it can let rain into the bag. The same goes for camping areas with a lot of mosquitoes and bugs as the large hood could create an opening for the insects to enter into the bivvy bag if not properly closed.


The Hunka XL is simple, without complicated gears, and yet, it is solid enough to withstand rough terrains and moderate weather conditions without ripping or tearing. The large size of the Hunka XL when it is unpacked is one of its best qualities and one of the reasons why many adventurers opt for the bag.

It has enough room in it so that you do not feel restricted or suffocated. Taller, heavyweight, and broad-shouldered people especially would find that this bag suits their needs as opposed to the Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag, which is not quite as spacious. The Hunka XL can comfortably accommodate your sleeping bag and sleeping pad, and you can even place your backpack or other gear in the bag with you as there would still be enough space at the foot of the bag.

The waterproof quality of the bag ensures that even when it is raining, you are kept dry and warm in your bag as the bag is made to withstand wet conditions to an extent. It can withstand dew, light rainfall, and moderate rainfall. The bag, however, is not built to withstand rainstorms.

So, before going camping with the bivvy bag, you should always check out the weather forecast to rule out rainstorms so that you would not go on a camping experience you would not enjoy. You could also take a tarp along with you to provide extra protection from the elements.

Whether you are undertaking an on-the-spur-of-the-moment adventure or you have carefully planned your trip for a long time, the Hunka XL is an excellent bivvy bag to carry along with you. It does not take up much space and would serve your purpose of camping perfectly well.

The Hunka XL bivvy bag might not be the most breathable or most waterproof bag out there, but it serves both purposes very well, is not exorbitant, and is quite spacious. You are sure to have a great adventure with the Hunka XL.