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Army Goretex Bivi Bag Review

Getting a good night’s rest when you are out camping is necessary for your continued enjoyment of the adventure. The army is known for making durable and sturdy equipment that can last longer than regular ones and avoid wear and tear for more extended periods.

The Army Goretex bivi bag is no exception as it is fashioned to withstand extreme cold, wet weather conditions and rugged terrains. The bag is made with features that ensure that its users enjoy a good night’s rest while out camping. Made with a breathable waterproof fabric known as Gore-Tex, which prevents water molecules from passing through the bag, the army Goretex bivi bag is a treasured item to have with you when going camping if you do not want to pack a tent.

Key features and benefits

  • The bag weighs about 800g, making it lightweight and easily transportable, plus it has minimal gears, which means it can easily be set up or packed away in a matter of minutes.
  • It is waterproof, effectively protecting you from wet weather conditions and keeping you dry and warm even in rainy weather conditions.
  • It is about 260cm long and 92cm at its widest point, allowing just enough room for a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.
  • The army Goretex bag has a drawstring which can be pulled or loosened to close up the bag or to open it up. This feature helps to keep the elements and small animals at bay.
  • It comes with an extra layer of fabric that would serve to keep you warm when the weather is cold.
  • It is made with a hydrostatic rating of 10,000mm, thereby enhancing its waterproofing abilities. This means that you would be kept dry and warm in the bag even if it is raining heavily.
  • The bag comes with a stuff sack that can be used to store it when you are not using it. The stuff sack has compression straps, enabling the bag to be compressed into the smallest possible size.
  • It also comes with a drawstring hood, which is for a snug fit around your body, a feature useful for when you go camping in winter.


  • The Army Goretex bivi bag is spacious enough to accommodate your sleeping bag and your sleeping mat.
  • It is compact, meaning it becomes small when it is packed, promoting easy carrying and saving space for other items you need. As such, you can always leave it in your backpack if you please for when you need to use it.
  • Air pockets in the bivi bag make it breathable. The Army Goretex bivi bag is made from the breathable fabric, Gore-Tex, and has a draft tube. These two properties combine to ensure that ventilation in the bivi bag is not hampered, and air circulates well in it. You can breathe perfectly well in it even if you close it up totally.
  • Condensation from your body heat when you sleep is also reduced to the barest minimum in the bag because enough air is circulating through it.
  • The bivi bag is very durable as its taped seams enhance waterproofness, prevents wear and tear, and ensures its longevity.


  • The drawstring for tying it up after use can be a little complicated.
  • While the bivi bag is big enough to squeeze in a sleeping bag or some rolled up clothes, it does not have enough space to fit much else in it. So if you have quite a bit of gear with you then an extra waterproof backpack will not go amiss.

The Army Goretex bivi bag, with its capacity to provide adequate insulation and warmth, is just the bag you need, especially if you are going to camp in a relatively cold place. The bags were first given to mountain soldiers because they could withstand both the rough terrains of the mountain and severe weather. Nowadays, it is used by army troops, people who undertake adventure sports, hunters, and sportspeople. In fact, anyone can make use of the bag.

Almost all bivvy bags would have some condensation in them if fully closed up because of the vapour that the user’s body emits and the air escaping each time the person breathes. The army Goretex bivi bag, however, is made from Gore-Tex, a fabric through which air can easily escape, and as a plus, it has a draft tube that aids ventilation. This means that this bag does not get condensation, and so, the inside of the bag would not get soggy or damp after use, as is the case with other bivvy bags.

The Army Goretex bivi bag is very sturdy, a quality which products that are made for the army always have. Made with seams that are taped over after being sewn, it can stop water from entering into the bag through the seams. The taped seams also confer the quality of longevity on the bag. The bag can be used even in the most rugged terrains without wear or tear and is a favourite with mountain climbers and adventure sports players.

The lightweight property of the Army Goretex bag has also made it a favourite of many campers, especially those who do not wish to carry heavy luggage or a tent. The bag packs small and can fit into a small corner of your backpack, leaving enough room for other belongings you need to take on the trip and enabling you to carry it about with you without any stress. Besides, it is easy to set up as all you have to do is unpack it in a chosen location, lay your sleeping bag in it and go to sleep.

People go camping for so many different reasons. Some may want to get a breath of fresh air, others go camping because they need to destress, some because they want to exercise and some others because they want to socialize. For people who want a breath of fresh air or want to go wild camping, the bivvy bag provides a feeling of oneness with nature and provides a clear view of the night sky.

Whatever your reasons are for going camping, you should take measures to ensure that you get the best out of the activity. You can accommodate your sleeping requirements easily and efficiently with this Army Goretex bivi bag.

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